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Garbage disposals

Your kitchen sink disposals can be one of the fixtures in your home you will need to have repaired or replaced. Kitchen disposals are fitted to your kitchen sink to collect certain types of food and chop it all into fine pieces where it can easily pass through your drains and wastewater removal systems. The average homeowner uses the disposal daily in a Salt Lake City home. A lot of gunk and goo go down your sink to get chopped to pieces by your disposal as well. This area of your drain can harbor bacteria if you’ve let it stay dirty and un-maintained. If your blades are dull or bent or the disposal has a build up within, you can get clogged drains frequently which can involve both sink drains in your kitchen if you have a typical double sink. Avoid all your disposal problems by ensuring your blades stay sharp, that your disposals stay strong mechanically, and that they’re replaced when they’ve become old or non-functioning.

Types of Kitchen Garbage Disposals Available:

  • Continuous Feed Disposal is Most common in new homes.
  • Batch Feed Disposal Requires a special stopper placed in the disposal opening to turn on. The stopper activates a switch for operation.
  • InSinkErator Disposal A type of batch feed disposal, they are quiet, efficient, durable, powerful, and effortless.
  • Dishwasher Garbage Disposals -Found inside the dishwasher or where the dishwasher is connected to the sink garbage disposal. Annihilates waste from the dishwasher as it runs.

Power Garbage Disposals with 3/4 Hp and More

Compact disposals come in high power models like the InSinkErator model. Lower cost 3/4 Hp disposals are also available. This is the best value for the money because of its durability and power. The more powerful the model you choose, the more you should get from the disposal in regard to how well it can handle your food waste. Many homeowners don’t understand or know the type of disposal they have installed in their home and that there are varying levels of power to handle different food waste disposal needs. This results in overusing or expectations that are too high for their home’s plumbing systems to handle. In general, there are things you’ll never want to put down in your disposal, especially in the way of fats, oils, grease, string vegetable and anything else that can congeal and be difficult for the disposal to process. String vegetables like celery can get wrapped around the blades much like your vacuum cleaner brush and become tightened up around the mechanical moving parts. Egg shells and potato peels are also hard on your disposal to process. If your home’s disposal has been needing repairs or you believe it’s feasible to go ahead and replace it, let our Salt Lake City plumber at Donahue Plumbing Services know and we’ll help you choose a great new replacement or help you with repairs.

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