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How To Avoid Sink, Shower, & Tub Drain Clogs In Salt Lake City

If you’ve ever suffered with Drain Clogs in your Salt Lake City home, with a gray water backup flood caused by them, then you know how much you’d love to avoid ever having to deal with that sort of mess again. When your plumbing system overflows into your house, there’s nothing worse than having to get the mess cleaned up.

Then after you do finally remove any flooded water and re-clean your home, you’re still left with a drain clog that has to be dealt with appropriately or you’ll end up with another flood. If you’d like to avoid having to deal with that stinky, ratted hair mess again, there are things you can do for your plumbing system that will help.

Plumbing clogs can be avoided many times if the family can participate in following a few suggestions that will keep the plumbing system in your Salt Lake City Home clean and free of things that will cause Drain Clogs. The key is going to be that you realize there are even tiny clogs that get started which can quickly become unhealthy floods.

For instance, how many times have you showered and noticed the water building up in the tub instead of quickly draining away? It’s a cloudy, soap scum, dirty mess that accumulates in the bottom as you try to get clean in the shower. As the level rises a tiny bit day after day, there comes a point when you’re trying to shower and the water won’t drain at all anymore. This is most likely a small, tiny clog started by hair or a tiny piece of bar soap.

Talk about a scummy mess you have to stand in every time you’re trying to get clean! You can avoid shower clogs by keeping the drain clean of hair at least once a month and making sure none of your bar soap leftovers wind up down the shower or tub drain. You can’t avoid your hair falling out, it happens to all of us every time we wash it. But there are three things you can do to avoid this type of clog:

  1. Use a zip drain cleaning tool to clean hair out of drains – A very inexpensive plastic wand-like tool with tiny plastic barbs along the shaft. Very effective and affordable at removing sink and tub/shower clogs.
  2. Use a drain hair catcher – Purchase and keep a drain hair catcher fitted in the drain to avoid sink, tub, & shower clogs. Keep the hair removed from them almost daily.
  3. Avoid intentionally putting hair, bar soap, or anything else down the drains. Trim beards or head hair at another location and dispose of hair in the trash instead. With just these few adjustments in how you do things, you can help your family to avoid experiencing Drain Clogs in your Salt Lake City area home. Professional drain cleaning will goes down deeper in your home’s drain system to ensure your drains and pipes are free from build-up and bacteria. Call the professional plumbers of choice at Donahue Plumbing Services any time you need help with Salt Lake City area Drain Clogs!

If you need help with Drain Clogs Removal in Salt Lake City, please call 801-262-0500 or complete our online request form.