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Having plumbing problems causes stress and strive for the entire household. To say it’s inconvenient to not have fresh water, not have hot water, or to not be able to use the toilet is putting it lightly.

We count on our plumbing system to work right but we tend to neglect it until it surprises us with leaks or backups. Since it’s such a vital part of our daily lives, it only makes sense for us to keep it maintained.

When you see signs of rusting, slow moving drains, corrosion, or any other issue, call in our Alpine plumbers. Our Salt Lake City Plumber can diagnose any problem and solve it for you.

  • Water Heater Leaks
  • No Hot Water
  • Not Enough Hot Water
  • Slow Moving Drains
  • Backups
  • Fresh Water Leaks
  • Flaky Deposits In Drinking Water
  • Bad Tasting Water
  • Stinky Drains
  • Low Water Pressure

Need A New Water Heater For Your Alpine Home?

It could be time to replace your water heater if it has been about 7 years or so since you’ve replaced it last. Water heaters have limited lifetimes, just like everything else.

We have some great options for you in today’s energy saving water heaters. For the most energy savings, consider a whole-home tankless water heater. There’s really no point in spending all that energy to heat water that is only sometimes needed. Tankless water heaters offer instant hot water on demand. They can be installed as a whole home system or just where you need it.

Regardless of what type of water heater is best for you, we’ll be glad to help you pick out just the right one. We’ll make sure it serves your family with the right amount of hot water for everyone’s cleaning and bathing needs.

Thinking About Water Softeners?

If you are thinking about installing a water softener for your Alpine home, give us a call. We’ll be able to help you find just the right type and size system for your home.

Water softeners dissolve sediments that cause scale. Scale sticks to everything it touches including you, pipes, drains, faucets, and dishes. Your pipes will be cleaner and healthier, the dishes will be nice and shiny, and scum will be a thing of the past.

Our professional Alpine plumbers can handle all your plumbing needs including:

  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Water Heaters
  • Specialty Water Heaters
  • Fixtures
  • Disposals
  • Sewer & Drains
  • Water Lines
  • Water Softeners

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